Assistant In Computer Science
Communication Technology

I will be able to create for you a responsive website with HTML5 and SCSS. In the future I will provide also PHP programming for the websites that I create.

I will be able to identify and solve Computer Hardware related problems.
I.e. is the Computer not starting up? Is the keyboard on your laptop not working?

I will be able to identify and solve problems related to Windows 7/10.
I.e. Programs not working, slow start up and much more.

I will install/format you operating system.
The availables Operating Systems are: Windows 7/10 and linux distros i.e Ubuntu,Mint and many more.

I will be able to encrypt you data to be sure you are completly safe if someone wants to access you files.

I will be able to provide you assistence on the purchase of a new PC and eventually if you require it, I will build the PC for you.